Margaret Bowland (b.1953)

"Beauty makes sense to me, has weight for me, only when it falls from grace. It starts to matter when it carries damage. Sorrow allows it to cast a shadow. It becomes three-dimensional. It enters our world."

Margaret Bowland’s spellbinding and psychologically charged work brings viewers face to face with contentious culture while affirming the resilience and triumph of the human spirit. A masterful observer of life’s unpredictable nature, her work conveys universal themes through unusually specific insights. Bowland’s work explores the subtle and nuanced edges between strength and vulnerability, certainty and doubt, faith and disbelief. Bowland’s probing and deeply personal images call into question our societal expectations of gender, race, and beauty.

© All images courtesy of the artist ; artist portrait by Andrew Theodorakis/New York Daily

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"Take me to places,
I never wanted to go,
But needed to see."
—Daily Haiku #109 Jared M. (via remnantsofapoet)


Interstellar trailer (incidentally…Happy Birthday, Christopher Nolan)


A small library and reading space within a setting of quiet contemplation #library