Ohmygosh. I wishhhh.

I want to see Wicked again. I whisper into my sheets as I proceed to watch another bootleg video adding it to the list of 400 others…

I have work at 6 am…. to sleep now or to sleep later…


people on this website really need to put a lot more thought into age / power dynamics and be way more careful how they act 

if you’re 20+ using tumblr you really need to think about how you interact with younger people on here because that power dynamic doesn’t go away just because it’s the internet. and like this doesn’t just apply to “don’t hit on teenagers,” it’s way more complex than that.

be aware of boundaries; be aware that you as an adult don’t have the right to enter a kid’s safe space (blog) without permission and say whatever you want. also be aware that as an adult with power due to your age, younger people won’t always be able to feel safe telling you when you’ve crossed a line.

this should all go without saying, just rly disgusted with some shit we’ve been seeing lately on here.



'Nuff said.

I never actually saw Jenn as being hot but that picture.. DAMN.

me at parties


The fanfics are beyond creepy and awkward. It’s ok to ship them as friends or Josh/Elizabeth but they just take it too far and it’s so fucking stupid.

Exactly, why don’t they just write John/Elizabeth ones and be okay with that. They take everything too far, it’s slightly absurd.


Twitter is a bit ridiculous right now.

i don’t follow any of them, but i stalk all their twitters. like to be fair most of them are 14 but they like write jadina smut and then complain when people remind them that james is…married? and monogamous afaik? 

They are all being so ridiculous, no one knows what really happened and they’re making all these assumptions and tweeting them directly about stupid shit. Like can we not be dicks for a minute, Idina is cool with him and I get banding together as fans and being happy that she is and being angry when she is, but no one’s making anything better. ugh and the fanfics, do what you want but don’t get upset when people tell you the truth. 


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