I can’t help it, I’d like to see it again with Jackie and one more time with The full cast. I just don’t know when.

Go at least one more time!

I need to… I feel bad because I love it but there are other things I want to see. I’m just so conflicted. Well, I’ll see… I’m going back in October and have no clue what to do then or to see for that matter.

I can’t help it, I’d like to see it again with Jackie and one more time with The full cast. I just don’t know when.

I came very close to buying tickets to NY for next wednesday to see jackie burns in If/then

ugh if only I had more money but after this week, I won’t be spending money for a while.


Take Away Coffee Cup | Backbone Branding | The Dieline

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My first Broadway Flea experience was amazing and I cannot wait until I can go back next year.

(Most of) Awesome Mix, Vol. 1

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I am only missing one show of Jenn’s. And not only is High Fidelity one of my favorite shows but I got an opening night playbill!!


I was wondering that too. I’m guessing it’s only for vacation swings because that’s what they’ve been doing lately but who knows?

I didn’t even think about that… huh who knows.


wait ok i’m just gonna reblog it not of a million replies but like…that’s the only listed one as opposed to something with them actually looking for principal replacements? which makes me think that the entire obc isn’t planning on leaving. i’m sure idina’s extending, she’s hinted at as much (at least through march, but i can’t really see her leaving til maybe june?). my guess is that the other principals have other stuff lined up (jenn jason and jerry are all bigger names than their parts are, and i could see them leaving for bigger roles, potentially lachanze/anthony/tamika/james too?) and maybe a few ensemblists but they want to promote from within? pearl would obviously replace lachanze (she’s basically a standby for her at this point. she covers ann i think but not steph or ryann) if she’s leaving, if jenn leaves stephanie would in theory but maybe they’d have ann do it bc age? stephanie would definitely replace tamika though. but it’s surprising they’re only casting calling for ensemblists, and to potentially understudy all the principal roles

Right, I heard Idina would be staying definitely until january, but I really don’t think the others are planing on leaving so soon either. I don’t doubt that Jenn or Jerry have stuff lined up, I mean I know Jenn was attached to Honeymoon in Vegas, and probably some other stuff. Both of them and probably some of the other cast members are wanted for other things. I think it’s really weird that they’re only calling for ensamblists.. I don’t know the whole thing is weird, I am constantly checking the jobs on their so it just caught me by surprise. It’s just all a bit confusing.