This is important writing, creatingtext that has meaning.Embedded in memory,your childhood.
You secretly, scolded;first, with your pen.Prompted by little chancealluring it.
To cease this page,there could be more.Examples, under your bed,ranging a study, it’s effects  envelopes your possessions.
You speak,sleep,to simulate new methods.
You pretend,a secret, inside a fake door,conversing with speechfor future.
A secret note,strengthening, inside of you,memorizing elements of love.
Documenting lifeon this sleep 

This is important writing, creating
text that has meaning.
Embedded in memory,
your childhood.

You secretly, scolded;
first, with your pen.
Prompted by little chance
alluring it.

To cease this page,
there could be more.
Examples, under your bed,
ranging a study, it’s effects  
envelopes your possessions.

You speak,
to simulate new methods.

You pretend,
a secret, inside a fake door,
conversing with speech
for future.

A secret note,
strengthening, inside of you,
memorizing elements of love.

Documenting life
on this sleep